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We Will Climb Mountains, Croos Rivers and Go to The Moon to get the best candidate for the job.
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There is a Spanish saying "It is not the same to talk about the bullfight than to fight the bulls".  We have fought the bulls in many arenas and deliver that experience to our clients. 

Tecnix, LLC was founded in 1989 by medical device industry professionals that saw a need that could be served by an agile services firm could adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

In 1999 we moved our offices to Atlanta to take advantage a very attractive business environment and access to an airport that provides us with direct flights to almost anywhere in the world.

In 2012 we entered into a strategic relationship that provided us with warehousing and customer service capabilities for Latin America distribution. We now have access to and established network of medical distributors in 21 countries.

We are now ideally positioned to help small and mid-size medical device companies enter the Latin American markets without the usual risks, either directly or through our established network.

If you are not currently active in the Latin America market or are not seeing the growth you expected in this market you need to talk with us.

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