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We do not offer traditional consulting services. We believe in partnering with our clients to solve unique problems related to localized manufacturing distribution and channel development and link our compensation to success.


Whether you need to source a technology to solve a market need, establish distribution in Latin America or due diligence of a potential acquisition we can provide turnkey solutions. 


Our industry and academic contacts, combined with our familiarity with different technologies provide us with unmatched capability to offer solutions to technical, operations and distribution challenges. 


We create partnerships between diverse groups that don't know how they can help each other yet. The technical aspects of the project will be handled by the primary parties; the process is handled by Tecnix, LLC. 


In addition to establishing distribution for your product and managing the distribution channels some of our other services include:

  • Technology auditing and due diligence 
  • Assistance with licensing agreements. 
  • Manage licenser on behalf of client. 
  • Contract manufacturing sourcing
  • Contract research and development
  • Localized regulatory documentation
  • Technology valuation
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Site selection 
  • Market research


We take pride in our ability to source best of breed from other industries and are not geographically limited.


If you require a specific technology or are a provider of unique technology don't hesitate to contact us. 



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