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What projects have you worked on?

Our clients increasingly look to us to advise them on a wide range of opportunities including distribution, mergers, acquisitions, disposals and joint ventures across Latin America.


The list of projects we have completed is fairly extensive. We suggest you look at our case study page for samples However a short list of projects include:

·         Establishing distribution networks in Latin America

·         Acquisition of  intellectual property for clients

·         Manufacturing scale up projects for medical devices

·         Due diligence for a medical device acquisition

·         Interim CEO assignment for a pre-IPO company

·         Executive recruiting  for both fortune 500 and start ups

·         Coordination of pre-IPO work to satisfy investor requirements

·         Establishing a distribution center in the U.S.


We have also helped companies raise capital at all levels and  have been involved in three successful IPO's and numerous acquisitions.

What resources do you have available?

Our primary resource is our people and that is reflected in everything we do from our logo to our policies that encourage community participation and volunteerism.


We invest in developing the specialist industry knowledge of our people so that they can combine their technical skills with genuine understanding of the markets in which our clients operate. This approach enables us to go beyond simply responding to today’s issues.


We think ahead – identifying the challenges of the future, and advising our clients on how best to meet them.

What physical facilities do you have?

We recently negotiated access to a premier medical training center in Mendoza Argentina where we can offer clinical study and physician training including cadaveric training and from this facility we can offer coordination of clinical trials.

Tecnix also has at its disposal the following facilities:

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Optics Lab
  • Machine Shop
  • Electronics Lab
  • Clean Room
  • Mechanical Testing Lab
  • Computer Aided Design and Modeling
  • Servers and Web Hosting Capability

What intellectual property do you have access to?

We have access to over three hundred patents please contact us of details.

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